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  Don't Litigate;    Mediate!

Unfortunately, disputes and differences of opinions are realities of life.  When Parties are unable to discuss and resolve disagreements on their own, they can benefit from the impartial and objective assistance of a Mediator.  The Mediator is a neutral third party who provides a catalyst and conduit for communication between the Parties, facilitating a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Facilitative Mediation  has been used to successfully resolve conflicts in every area of life, including: business and commercial transactions, community and neighbor association conflicts, employment and terminations, creditor/debtor relations, insurance settlements, discrimination and sexual harassment claims, marital and domestic issues, real estate claims, malpractice and health care issues.


Unlike Litigation, Mediation preserves confidentiality, promotes communication and cooperation, saves time and money, empowers individuals to make their own decisions, promotes exploration of new options, preserves relationships and reduces hostilities.

We use Facilitative Mediation to assist individuals in finding mutually desirable solutions for their disputes. In Facilitative Mediation, no decision is made or resolution reached without the agreement of all the Parties. Any of the Parties are able to end Mediation at any time or refuse any resolution. The resolution will be acceptable to all the Parties or it can be rejected by any one of the Parties in the dispute.

Why Mediate?

Attorney Jerry Slusky, J.D.
Slusky Mediation

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