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Executive / Life Coaching

 Coaching is a vehicle designed to assist in transporting the Client from where they are to where they want to be.  It is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. By its nature, Coaching is a process involving an ongoing relationship between a Coach and a Client that facilitates the process of personal, professional and / or spiritual development by changing self-defeating attitudes, eliminating ineffective or harmful habits, discovering new possibilities, implementing better approaches, illuminating and eliminating hidden fears and limitations.

Coaching is not
advice, nor is it another form of, or a substitute for, psychotherapy or Counseling.

Core Characteristics  of Coaching:

  • Client or coachee-centered and coachee-directed.
  • Confidential.
  • Goal achieving.
  • Self-discovering and self-guiding.
  • Questioning, understanding and supporting.
The Coaches are Christians and while they will not try to impose their belief on the Client(s), it is important to note the context from which they are operating.

Coaching relationship is one where the Coach and Client concur the Client wants to make significant progress and change in his/her life and the Client and Coach agree this ongoing Coaching relationship will be designed together in accordance with
the Client’s goals, temperament, and values; therefore, each Coaching relationship is different.

The Commitment:  While the Client may start by scheduling One Hour Coaching Sessions or avail themselves of the One-Month Coaching Program, the prospects of successfully achieving the Client’s goals and desires are dramatically increased when the Client and Coach commit to work with each other on the process of change for a three (3) month (or longer) period of time. This provides the necessary time for the Coaching relationship to develop and progress through objectives, obstacles and successes.

Obtaining the correct Coach
depends on the desired Coaching Relationship that should be defined (in conjunction with the Coach) by the Coaching Client (Coachee) who selects a Coach who is committed to the Coachee’s values and goals without taking over ownership.

Mediation is a voluntary process where the disputing Parties contract with Metamora Mediation, LLC and each other to negotiate in good faith while being constrained by rules of Civility and Confidentiality as set out in the Agreement to Mediate.

Metamora, LLC, uses Facilitative Mediation that is non- confrontational, unlike Caucus Mediation used by attorneys.

After the Parties to a dispute have read the following Agreement to Mediate and decided to utilize the services of Metamora Mediation, LLC, the Parties can begin the process by each of the Parties completing the 
"Request for Metamora Mediation Services" form and providing Metamora Mediation, LLC with a $625.00 money order or certified check as a retainer that covers the fee for the four hour Mediation session.

After each of the Parties has indicated their desire to Mediate by completing the 
"Request for Metamora Mediation Services" Form and provided the "Retainer," a time and place for Mediation will be determined.
At the agreed upon time and place, Mediation will begin with the signing of a copy of the Agreement to Mediate.