Cost of Mediation

The total cost of Mediation, from beginning to end, is typically less than the fees to simply retain an attorney, before the case is even filed.

Metamora Mediation services are provided at the rate of $625 per Party per Mediation session (Consisting of a four (4) hour block of conference time and one (1) hour Pre-Mediation Case Preparation
and Coordination.) Most cases are mediated in one session with a few requiring a second and rarely a third or more.

Mediation services are scheduled after each Party has requested Mediation and provided a $625
retainer (by means of Certified Check or Money Order) from which the Mediation fees will be deducted. See our Specifics of Mediation section for details.

Attorney Jerry Slusky, J.D. of Slusky Mediation explains the Cost and other benefits of Mediation over Litigation.

The Cost of Mediation Compared to Litigation

While every case is different, examining the average costs of a Divorce can give an idea of how the cost of Litigation and Mediation compare.

According to, divorce in the United States is a 28 billion dollar a year industry, with an average cost of a litigated divorce in 2004 being about $20,000.

In another study, according to Attorney Larry Rich, J.D.*, the cost of litigating a divorce, from a legal cost/accounting cost perspective, with information based on discussions over the years with various family lawyers, ranging from junior lawyers and junior accountants to senior lawyers and senior accountants are: 

Lawyer Fees:                  $3,437.00        to    $60,850.00

Accounting Fees:           $4,750.00        to     $71,750.00

Therefore, the Professional Fees for a litigated divorce average
between $8,187.00 to $132,600.00, while
the Cost of Mediation averages between $625.00 to $2,500.00.

While Mediation is much less time consuming than Litigation, Mediation cannot be rushed. The Mediation atmosphere must be safe, comfortable and relaxed. That is why a four hour block of conference time is reserved for each Mediation session, removing the time pressure and allowing Mediation to move more quickly. Typically, the parties will have an agreement within this first session. If an agreement is not reached within four hours, it is a good indication one or more of the Parties needs some time and space before confirming an agreement.

Mediation services are scheduled after each of the Parties has read the
Specifics of Mediation section, Requested Mediation Services and provided a $625 retainer from which the Mediation fees will be deducted.

  «  Larry W. Rich, J.D., is a senior partner at Rich Rotstein with 30-years experience in diverse cases ranging from tax planning to creditors in matrimonial disputes.